Pop music achieved the largest share of music industry's turnover in 2022, though significantly less than in the noughties. The hip-hop and rock genres were also strong in terms of turnover.

The pop segment distinguishes between English and other-language pop international, whose share of turnover in 2022 was 24.1 %, and German pop, which accounted for 3.6 % of turnover. Together, these two segments achieved almost 28 % of the music industry's total turnover, the lowest value since the beginning of the recording. Hip-hop had a share of 19.3 %, rock 18.6 %. In the last decade, the largest increases in turnover shares were measured in the segments hip-hop, dance and ‘family’.

Among the individually listed repertoire segments, classical music (1.8 %), jazz (1.5 %) and folk music (0.5 %) achieved the lowest turnover shares.

Percentage of repertoire segments in overall turnover
Table: Percentage of repertoire segments in overall turnover


The figures are based on turnover at end-user prices, including VAT, and cover music videos (physical, from 2003), downloads (from 2005), mobile (from 2006) and premium streaming (from 2015). Genre allocation according to PHONONET product registration. In some cases, the annual figures include data based on corrections made in subsequent issues of Musikindustrie in Zahlen.



  1. From 2018 without audio books.
  2. ‘Pop’ refers to international pop music und other genres of popular international music, whether or not it stems from German musicians. ‘German pop’ refers to pop music in the German language.
  3. Incl. German-language rock, English-language rock, metal and punk.
  4. Incl. crossovers.
  5. Up to 2021, this segment was labelled „Children‘s products“.
  6. Incl. sound tracks/film music, country, instrumental music, Christmas releases, comedy and musicals.

Source information

Various annual issues of Musikindustrie in Zahlen, ed. Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

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