Almost 236,000 pop and classical recordings were available on the German music market in 2021, 70 % of which were audio albums in the pop segment. About 13,900 titles were new releases.

The total number of physical sound recordings in 2021 was 235,554, including singles and video albums. In the majority audio albums were available (164,364 of popular music and 60,838 of classical music). Overall, the pop and classical music offerings have been declining in recent years. The total number of new releases remained at a comparably low level.

Overall offerings and new releases of pop and classical recordings (physical)
Table: of pop and classical recordings (physical)


The figures are based on information from the PHONONET und DigiAS stocklist databases and refer exclusively to physical sound recordings. In some cases, the annual figures include data based on corrections made in subsequent issues of Musikindustrie in Zahlen.



  1. Different versions of a product are listed separately.
  2. Each title is included only once, even if it exists in different versions and article numbers. Box sets consisting of more than two units and samplers with different performers are excluded.

Source information

Compiled by the German Music Information Centre from various issues of Musikindustrie in Zahlen, ed. Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

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