Appreciation of various music genres in the German population above the age of 14 (2022)
Figure: Appreciation of various music genres in the German population
Rock and pop music is the most popular genre in Germany, especially in the age groups up to 59 years. Older people show a strong musical taste for oldies and evergreens.

72.2 % of the German-speaking population over the age of 14 likes to listen very much or likes to listen to rock and pop music. In 2022, rock/pop remains to be the most popular music genre among a total of 14 genre categories whose preferences are surveyedby the Allensbach Demoscopic Institute's annual ‘Media Market Analysis’ (AWA).

As in 2005, rock and pop remains particularly popular in the age groups up to 49 years, but since then it has also gained strong preference in the age groups 50-59 years, 60-69 years as well as 70+ years. Besides rock/pop, hip-hop and rap as well as techno, house and dance are high on the popularity scale among teenagers and young adults.

Oldies and evergreens are the second most popular genre category in Germany, with a particularly strong preference in the age groups 50-59 years, 60-69 years and 70+ years. German Schlager as well as Volksmusik and brass band music are also liked mainly in the older age groups, though the appreciation trend for these genres is declining among older people.

Appreciation of various music genres by age group (2022)

Operas, operettas also tended to lose some of their followers among the older age groups. The preference for the category ‘classical music, piano recitals, symphonies’ increased by 4.5 % over the last ten years in the 70+ age group, with slight decreases in the younger population.

The figures suggest that the age cohorts maintain their favourite music over the long term. This is particularly clear for rock and pop music, where preferences extend into higher age groups over time.


The data are conducted in a representative sample (based on quota sampling procedure) of the German-speaking population above the age of 14 (2022: 70.601 million people) Every year more than 20,000 persons (2022: 23,015) living in private households in Germany are polled at their main place of residence. The poll uses face-to-face oral interviews.



  1. Different year of comparison. From 2006 to 2015, the rock and pop genre category was split into German-language rock and pop and English-language rock and pop. For this reason, 2005 has been chosen as the year of comparison.

Source information

Compiled by the German Music Information Centre from various issues of the Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträgeranalyse (AWA), published annually by the Allensbach Demoscopic Institute.

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