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Veranstalter: International Association for Music & Medicine (IAMM) und International Society for Arts and Medicine (ISfAM)


The Future of Music and Arts in Medicine and Health will take place in Berlin, Germany, and online, September 18-21, 2024. This hybrid event will bring together medical and artistic experts, researchers, practitioners, and students from around the world, offering opportunities for collaboration and networking across continents and disciplines.  Additionally, pre and post-congress workshops, Special Interest Group meetings and other business meetings will enrich the program.

The conference theme, "The Future of Music and Arts in Medicine and Health," embodies innovation and an interdisciplinary approach. It highlights the transformative potential of music and arts in healthcare and therapy.

This event explores the latest advancements at the crossroads of medicine, health, arts, and technology. Participants will engage in discussions on harnessing creativity for healing and the role of artistic interventions in holistic health.

The conference envisions a future where music and arts catalyze profound transformations in healthcare.


Congress Main Topics 

Building upon the success of previous IAMM conferences, this year's event is driven by the overarching theme, "The Future of Arts and Music in Medicine and Health." Inspired by the innovative spirit of Berlin, a city that harmoniously blends history and modernity, our congress aims to explore the dynamic relationship between arts, music, and healthcare.

With a diverse range of topics rooted in the therapeutic potential of artistic expression, the neurological underpinnings of music, and the cultural dimensions of healing, we invite you to join us in shaping the future landscape of arts and medicine.


The five main topics of our congress correspond to five plenary sessions on:

Therapeutic Outcomes of the Arts 

Delving deep into the transformative potential of the arts within the medical sphere, this topic will encompass the multifaceted roles arts play, from traditional music and creative art therapy modalities to the emergent field of neuroaesthetics. Studies and real-world applications will showcase how arts-based interventions can not only alleviate physical pain but also act as powerful tools for emotional and psychological healing.

Neurosciences, Cognition, and the Arts 

This topic will shed a light on the intricacies of the brain and its relationship with the arts. It will provide a comprehensive exploration of how the arts influence neural activities, shape our cognitive functions, and offer promising avenues for therapeutic recovery.

Innovations at the Intersection of Arts, Medicine, Health, and Technology 

The future of healthcare beckons with an exciting confluence of arts, medicine, and technology. This topic will spotlight groundbreaking initiatives that harness the power of technology to redefine patient care. We will explore how blending artistic practices with the latest technological advancements can offer tailored therapeutic strategies and foster productive interdisciplinary dialogues, ultimately driving healthcare towards unprecedented horizons.

 Music and Arts-based Interventions in Medical and Health Contexts

Music and arts are not just for entertainment; their therapeutic potential is profound and far-reaching. This topic will shed light on the diverse applications of music and other art forms in various medical contexts. We will explore how tailored interventions, from rhythmic entrainment to visual stimulation, can offer solace, healing, and rejuvenation across different patient demographics and conditions.

Artistic Expression and Cultural Perspectives in Healthcare and Community 

Art is a universal language, yet it is deeply rooted in cultural nuances. This topic will explore the significance of acknowledging and integrating these cultural perspectives within healthcare environments. We will seek to understand the importance of considering diverse artistic expressions in therapy, the role of cultural sensitivity in patient care, and the potential benefits of an inclusive, globally-aware approach to health and well-being.


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