Percentage of partnerships by partner (VdM report 2021 referring to 2020)¹

Figure: Percentage of partnerships by partner
With almost 6,200 schools and 5,100 kindergartens, most of the cooperation partners of public music schools are educational institutions. Many music clubs are also partners.

In total, recent data of the VdM member music schools show 13,155 music school cooperations. Almost half of these were partnerships with schools of general education, often primary schools: 722 of 933 public music schools (77.4 %) cooperated with 4,220 primary schools and reached approximately 208,000 primary school children. Of the secondary schools, the Gymnasien are the largest cooperation partners: the musical education programmes made possible by cooperations of 416 music schools and 730 Gymnasien were taken up by 24,560 grammar school pupils. The data of the VdM statistics 2021 refer to the entire calendar year 2020 and reflect the situation in the first year marked by the COVID‑19 pandemic. Overall, the number of cooperating partners decreased by 559 compared to the previous year, and the number of enrolments by 22,350.

38.6 % of all cooperations in the calendar year 2020 were with kindergartens and day care centres. More than 98,000 children attended the preschool music education programmes at 5,073 institutions. Active music-making with elderly people was made possible in cooperations of 120 public music schools with 195 retirement homes.

In addition, many local music groups are networked with the public music schools: 1,106 music clubs recently worked together with 256 public music schools and thus reached approximately 13,550 pupils. In addition, there were cooperations between music schools and 134 churches and 91 choruses, which together reached more than 3,700 pupils.

Partnerships of public music schools
Table: Partnerships of public music schools


The data is based on an annual full survey of the Association of German Music Schools (VdM) among its member schools; most recently these were 933 public music schools. Owing to a change of methodology in data collection, figures from 2014 on cannot be directly compared with those from previous years. Also, some extent of imprecision in the data of earlier years has to be considered. Figures from 2014 are based on a full calendar year (1 January to 31 December of the preceding year).



  1. The impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic is captured for the first time in the VdM annual report 2021: The data reflect number of enrolments of the preceding calendar year 2020, cf. note.
  2. Measured against the total number of VdM music schools on 1 January 2022 (933 member schools).
  3. From 2014 on the categories of Hauptschulen and Realschulen were combined under the heading weiterführende Schulen (secondary schools).

Source information

Compiled and calculated by the German Music Information Centre from VdM-Jahresbericht 2021, ed. Association of German Music Schools (VdM), 2022, and various issues of Statistisches Jahrbuch der Musikschulen in Deutschland, published annually by the VdM.

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