The miz

How we work

The German Music Information Centre (miz) provides comprehensive research and information services on individual segments of musical life. In doing so, it aims to offer a basis for reporting, analysis and/or opinion-forming. The miz does not act on behalf or in the interest of others and does not support any commercial purposes.

For its contents, the miz checks data and facts for their reliability, it labels opinions as such, names all sources and does not position itself. The miz describes the infrastructure of musical life in terms of its characteristics and circumstances, compiles data and facts in as balanced a manner as possible and ensures continuous updating of its contents.

In addition to the collection of information and statistics, the miz uses informative text types such as (short) reports, news, portraits and interviews on the matter. It respects copyrights and neighbouring rights as well as personal rights in the conception and implementation of its information services. The miz pays attention to thematic balance, factual orientation and varied forms of presentation and uses gender-sensitive language.