Colleges of Music (Conservatories)

The sub-section on colleges of music describes the institutes grouped together in the Rectors Conference of Music Colleges plus the Nürnberg-Augsburg College of Music founded in 1998. Further institutes with the status of college of music are resident at the Universities of Mainz and Münster (see sub-section on universities, colleges of education, specialised colleges of higher education); Colleges of Church Music are listed in the relevant sub-section. The colleges of music offer a broad spectrum of artistic, pedagogic and academic courses which are described here in a systematised form. Furthermore, many colleges of music and specialised academies and conservatories have in recent years developed additional courses, some in the form of new study programmes and subjects, some as courses, compact seminars and postgraduate modules, which are also included in the sub-section (provided they exist as permanent options).

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