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Musical Life in Germany
A new English-language publication reflects the structures and developments in Germany's musical life

Thanks to the extraordinary breadth and diversity of its musical institutions, Germany continues as ever to be a 'land of music'. It can boast of 133 publicly-funded symphony orchestras and 83 music theatres, a tight-knit network of educational and training facilities, more than 500 music festivals and a huge range of amateur ensembles involving some seven million people. All of them leave their mark on Germany's musical life, representing a great heritage and a lively music scene in which a very broad array of genres, styles and musical cultures of every imaginable sort can evolve and flourish.

With its new publication Musical Life in Germany the German Music Information Centre, a subsidiary department of the German Music Council, has presented the first English-language compendium of facts and figures on music in Germany in a handy overview for foreign readers. Fifteen authoritative articles illuminate the full spectrum of the country's musical life, from education and training to amateur music-making, and from the professional practice of music to the media and music industry. The book conveys a full picture of the range and variety of Germany's musical culture, shedding light on topics, structures and developments in each area. The articles are augmented by many illustrative maps and statistics.

Musical Life in Germany was made possible by a special grant from the Federal Government Commissioner of Culture and the Media. The printed edition has appeared in a limited press run and can be obtained on request.

Musical Life in Germany
Structure, facts and figures
A publication of the German Music Information Centre
Edited by the Deutscher Musikrat gemeinn├╝tzige Projektgesellschaft mbH
Editorial staff: Stephan Schulmeistrat, Margot Wallscheid
Bonn 2011. 372 pp.
ISBN 978-3-940768-24-7
Available on request


musical life in Germany Book
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