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Berghain & Beyond

A Critical Investigation Of Berlin Techno


Berlin is recognized to be the world’s Techno capital, but for all that where does the story begin? Together - through reading texts, watching films, going on excursions and applying different approaches to musical analysis - we will explore the history, aesthetics and economics of the vivid electronic music scene in Berlin. Berlin Techno (meant as an umbrella term for all Electronic Dance Music scenes in the city) is deeply rooted to its subcultural past as well as in the history of Germany after the fall of the wall. On the same time it is a highly professional and internationalized contemporary musical culture and business. The goal of our course is to discuss and understand Berlin Techno between these poles. We will ask how a history of Techno is and could be written and told, and how it is attached to present social, technical, and aesthetical developments. The discussion is based on the present academic discourse about Techno, but will also survey the city itself as source, including tours to significant locations and venues, as well as talks to business and scene insiders.

Kim Freser & Matthias Pasdzierny


23.08.2018 - 25.08.2018

Universität der Künste Berlin
Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin

Berlin Summer University of the Arts

440 €


Anmeldeschluss: 26.07.2018