Music Organizations and Institutions in Europe

The enlargement of the European Union brought increased intensity to international cooperation in the cultural field. The section on music organisations and institutions in European countries is an attempt to bring some transparency into the complexity of the musical world in Europe and make it easier for you to find your way around when seeking information. The information supplied concentrates on associations, specialised organisations, political agencies and information sources operating on a European scale who gather data and facts on music at an overarching level; it does not include individual orchestras, operatic and musical companies, festivals, training institutions, competitions, etc. These details can be obtained from the organisations listed in the sub-sections that follow. Organisations engaged in music work abroad and involved in culture exchange and cultural PR activity are detailed elsewhere.

Under the first heading you will find the European Music Council and the National Committees belonging to it. The National Committees are responsible for promoting and cultivating music in their various countries with differing areas of emphasis and represent their countries’ musical affairs in the International Music Council.

There follows a list of European and international associations, federations, societies and foundations that have their headquarters or local office in Europe. Corresponding organisations based in Germany are – like the German offices of international and European associations – listed in detail under the heading Associations, Federations, Societies (Germany).

The description of government agencies and cultural policy bodies at the European level is restricted in the first instance to institutions of the European Union and the European Council. There is a wealth of introductory material on the structure and functioning of the European Union and other European organisations both in the internet and in book form (see under Literature). Detailed information on the staffing of the cultural bodies in the legislative and execute is available from, inter alia, the Electronic Directory of the European Institutions (IDEA) under Inaddition to the institutes listed here, there are numerous other organisations with cultural policy relevance, particularly at the regional level in Europe, which can be reached via the literature detailed.

The sub-section on international music information centres lists the members of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC). Because of the differences in musical development and infrastructure in their countries, the music information centres have differing responsibilities and areas of focus, ranging from the presentation and promotion of contemporary music and work in the fields of jazz and popular music and the dissemination of a wide range of information. In addition to the music information centres organised in the IAMIC, there are further centres listed that are involved in the music life of their respective countries. Centres with an international focus are listed under the country in which they are based or have their local office. Not included are national music libraries, music archives and music documentation centres and specialised information services that are devoted to specific aspects of music. These institutes can be located via the music information centres or the National Music Councils. You will find information and documentation services in Germany that supply information on specific aspects of music in Germany under the section Music Organisations and Research and Documentation.

Reference works on music which are now available in many European countries and often have detailed descriptions of the structure of national music in the individual countries are detailed in the following sub-section. We have only included reference works that appear at periodic intervals and more recent publications that cover a broad spectrum, not however specialised directories which are available in some countries for some specific aspects of music. International directories precede the detailing of national publications.