Promotional Activities and Institutions

Unlike the foundations and associations described under Music Organisations that are responsible for the representation of general and particular concerns relating to the promotion of music, this section deals with promotional measures and institutions which are active at the international, national and state level. This includes music competitions, music prizes, scholarships and awards and the orchestras, choirs and ensembles that see themselves as promotional agencies for instrumental and vocal music. Pension schemes and other social services for artists acting as independent organisations in the field of the arts and promotion of the arts are described in detail in the sub-section on foundations.

Competitions, prizes, scholarships and awards are listed alphabetically in systematic overviews and according to overarching categories in order to help you find your way around the multiplicity of promotional activities and obtain a general idea of the competition and awards system in the music sector. Competitions that are held regularly for various instruments or groups of instruments are generally listed in several places.

The sub-section on music competitions describes contests in the professional, semi-professional and amateur sectors that take place on a regular basis. The main emphasis is on competitions centred or taking place in Germany that are organised on at least a state-wide basis. The numerous competitions held at a regional or local level and for the members of individual organisations (i.e. education and training bodies) are not included and neither are the competitive events and singing contests held by amateur music groups. Major music competitions based outside Germany or which take place abroad are also listed as long as they have an international focus. The main source for this is provided by members the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) and the European Un ion of Music Competitions for Youth (emcy).

The sub-section on music prizes, scholarships and awards lists sponsorship programmes for which unsolicited applications are normally not accepted. The prizes, scholarships and awards listed are donated by government agencies, foundations, non-profit organisations and private bodies, often in the context of public and private cooperation. They single out artistic personalities and outstanding achievements as well as giving support to young artists and recognition of the artistic achievements of amateur orchestras, choirs and groups. Above and beyond the promotional measures listed, there are numerous other prizes awarded for art and culture, particularly by cities, local districts and cultural organisations which are either awarded regularly or on an ad hoc basis in the music context. The Handbuch der Kulturpreise contains detailed information on this. Music prizes and awards that are linked to the recipient belonging to a certain organisation cannot be included. The relevant programmes are however – where information is available – included in the individual organisations listed under Music Organisations. General sponsorship programmes for students plus more widely defined awards that are also conferred on musicians and musical experts can be found in our Music Promotion theme portal under the heading Literature. Academies of the Arts and Sciences, who confer a distinction by the appointment of their members, can be found under Music Organisations or in the section Research and Documentation under the heading Scientific Libraries, Archives and Research Institutes.

Youth orchestras, ensembles and choirs define themselves as institutions promoting instrumental and vocal music. In addition to the supraregional institutions described here, there are a number of other, similar promotion programmes in the regional and local sector which are run by associations and federations or training and advanced training institutes. There are also courses at the national, state and regional level under the auspices of various agencies which sponsor music ensembles (see also the information system on Advanced and Further Training). Promotional programmes at the international level are listed provided they have a contact point in Germany; in individual cases, institutions with international contact addresses are also included.

Listed under social services for artists are those institutes that cater for specific professional groups, such as musicians and their relatives such as professional social service organisations, organisations with supplementary benefits, support funds or honorary payments to musicians and their relatives who are particularly deserving or in need.